Want to Know Software That Can Repair PST Files Outlook 2000.

If you are using outlook PST files for storing email, contact etc and that has been corrupted. And you can't open your PST files due to some common errors . Don't worry here are some solution which will help you to solve your problem.

Reasons for PST Fles to be Corrupted :

There are so many reasons because of that your PST file is been corrupted. There are some important points which explains why your PST file get corrupted.

If due to any reason your PST file get corrupted and you can't access PST files then you can solve it by using PST repair tool. PST tool will help you in solving you problem very easily and quickly. PST repair tool is very easy to use.

Signs of PST Files Corruption :-

When PST file get corrupted then it shows some error. Due to which you can't access PST files. There are some list of errors.

If your PST file get corrupted and you are getting these type of error. You can use PST repair tool that can repair PST file outlook 2000 very easily.

How to Repair PST Files With the Help of Software :

PST repair tool can help you to repair PST file outlook 2000 that are corrupted. Before using tool you must have some information about the size of PST file that is corrupted. Then you can use tool according to that.

  1. If your PST file that is corrupted is less than 2 GB than you can use Inbox Repair Tool.
  2. If your PST file is that is corrupted is more than 2 GB than use have to use PST repair tool

Inbox Repair Tool or Scanpst.exe :-

Inbox Repair Tool or Scanpst.exe can be used when your data is corrupted or lost . It is inbuilt tool of MS Outlook 2010 . It is already installed on your computer whenever you installed Microsoft Outlook. If not installed than you have to download. You just have to run it. And have to follow instruction . After that you can repair PST file.

Limitations :-

  1. Can't exceed 2GB data : you can't use data that is more than 2GB. It's range is up to 2 GB.
  2. Can't repair all data : It can repair only header section . That means it will show you only content information. Not whole body part.

PST Repair Tool :-

PST repair tool is a strong tool used to repair PST files. It can be used to access deleted mails, forgotten password, can split large mail into smaller one. It can also recover HTML formatted message It can support MS Outlook 2010, 2007, 2003.it can rum on vista, window 7/2000/2003/2005.

Advances Features of PST Repair Tool :-

If you want to recover your PST files then download PST repair tool from here. You Can easily work on Outlook 2000 PST Repair Tool . You can download it very quickly and efficiently.